12 Days of Hosting: Self Care Rituals

12 Days of Hosting: Self Care Rituals

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Cooking for the family, organizing pick ups, making up guest rooms and cleaning the house. The days can be long for hosts during the holidays. And it can be hard to find time for yourself amidst the madness. Nearing the end of our 12 Days of Hosting Journal Series, we’ve rounded up a few recommendations from pals who have perfected the art of self care.


Diffuse tension

Start by curating a calming environment. Top up your Vitruvi Stone Diffuser and add a few festive drops of their warm Holiday scents. There’s more than enough evidence to support the connection between calming scents and stress reduction, but we won’t have to convince you when your home smells like a Spicy Nightcap.

Pour yourself a drink

With the holidays comes a strain on your sleep, digestion and hormone balance. We love Blume because they create delicious, caffeine and sugar free latte mixes that feel like a treat without the stress on your system. And these superfood blends are versatile—try steaming their holiday flavours in a latte, blending into a smoothie or mixing into baked goods.

Step away

Treat yourself to a facial. Yes, yes…we know. Who has the time? Along with a full range of at-home skincare products, Formula Fig offers 15-minute mini-treatments that help you hydrate, refresh and radiate in the few moments you can sneak away.

Spray away stress

Sometimes all you need to shift the atmosphere from crazy to calm is a spritz. Bring the spa home with MIFA and Co’s Eucalyptus Mood Mist. Our favourite trick: keep the bottle in your fridge and use it as a cooling facial and body spray. 


Up your skincare game

We’re obsessed with East 29th’s Vital Serum. Adding this rich, nourishing formula is an easy way to supercharge your skincare routine. And whether it's the dry, cold winter wind or all the early mornings, your skin will need a little extra love.

Add an overnight mask

Help sluff off the day and give your skin all it needs to stay healthy and hydrated with a rich moisturizing mask right before bed. Pura Botanicals' Ultra-Hydrating Mask smells as good as it feels, with Vitamins A and C, amino acids and pure watermelon extract.


Tie it back

Toss your hair up, but make it cute. Everyone with hair can appreciate a good hair day, and how good it can make you feel when you nail that perfectly effortless messy bun. We love Supercrush for that reason. They have the sweetest scrunchies and clips, including silk options to help stop split ends. 

Get wrapped up

From stepping out of your morning shower to brushing your teeth before bed, a linen Robe adds an effortless comfort to milling about home. Breathable and quick-drying, with generously sized pockets and an inside tie to secure—there's not much your Robe can't do.

Slay your sleep 

Tuck into a restful slumber with a linen Bedding Set. It's naturally temperature-regulating and breathable qualities mean less night sweats, less struggling with layers and more zzz's.



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