12 Days of Hosting: Sleep hygiene during the holidays

12 Days of Hosting: Sleep hygiene during the holidays

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Maintaining proper sleep hygiene through the holidays can be difficult, especially if you're hosting family and friends. From inconsistent diets and increased drinking to an uptick in social demands and late nights, countless studies show a lack of sleep can take a toll our bodies and minds. To continue our 12 Days of Hosting Journal Series, we’ve gathered a few tips and tricks to help ensure you’re getting a sweeter slumber during hosting season.

Breathing and meditation practices

During these busy times, it can be hard to mentally slow down and turn off. While the children may be dreaming of sugarplums, when our heads hit the pillow…I just remembered the dry-cleaning I forgot to pick up, and I should start on the shopping list for tomorrow, and oh yeah, what time am I supposed to pick up the grandparents from the airport again? Find a wellness coach, meditation app, playlist or mindfulness podcast to help you transition your mind from a busy day to a restful sleep. Need a recommendation? The Wilet team loves Ally Maz.

Verbalize your needs

Getting up extra early tomorrow to start cooking? Staying up late to wrap gifts? Let your guests know when dinner will wrap up, give your hosts a heads up on when you’ll be excusing yourself from the party, and let your family know when you’re going down for a nap. Verbalizing it is also a part of committing to a healthy routine. Remember, it’s not a faux pas to plan your ‘out’ and can help diffuse the attempts to get you to stay past your bedtime.

Create a sleep sanctuary

Creating a cozy, quiet physical space can help. Start by investing in high-quality bedding and pillows. The Sleep Foundation also suggests that aromatherapy, specifically calming essential oils in diffusers, "with distinct scents may help promote better sleep, help you wake up in the morning, or even influence dreams and memory formation during sleep." Sleep studies also suggest the optimal sleep temperature is somewhere around 16°C – 20°C (60°F – 68°F), which can be helped with temperature regulating linen.

Stretch it out

The positive relationship between increased exercise and a better sleep has been extensively researched. But the holidays tend to upset our standard routines and make it difficult to get in a proper workout. If you can, find 10 minutes before bed to take a walk in the fresh air. Or better yet, here are 8 easy stretches recommended by Healthline to get your body prepared for a deeper snooze.


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