(be)coming home

(be)coming home

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We started this business in 2017 when Anna went looking for linen bedding and found her options in Canada were limited. What she wanted was out of her budget from traditional retailers, and ordering online from outside Canada brought with it hefty exchange rates and customs duties.

Anna’s challenge of finding high quality linen bedding shaped our original launch of Flax Sleep, but the intention was always to grow the product line to offer linen goods beyond the bedroom. It isn’t so much that we are “rebranding”, rather, our brand is expanding to reflect that we offer linen goods for other rooms in your home and to align with our purpose of cultivating our community of linen lovers and making the entire home a place of everyday luxury and comfort with high quality linen goods. We’re excited to continue building both our Bathe and Cook collections, while Sleep will continue to be our foundation. To hear more about our journey, check out a little video we did. 

To celebrate becoming Flax Home, we’ve curated the Homecoming Collection to bring back some favourite products and colours, as well as introduce variations of things you all love. Set your alarms for Monday, July 19th to get a piece of the Homecoming Collection for your home.

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