Fall in Love with Linen for Autumn

Fall in Love with Linen for Autumn

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Just in time for cuffing season, curl up in bed with your new partner in Netflix-and-Chill: linen. We talk a lot about how this super textile is made for summer — breezy, lightweight, and absorbent. No more tossing and turning at the mercy of night sweats…finally! But did you know, linen isn’t just made for a hot sleeper summer? Linen is perfect for the fall, too.


A woman making her bed with Flax Home linen sheets in the fall.

Transitional layers

Whether it’s warm t-shirt weather clinging on for one last week or the crisp wind ushering in pumpkin spice season, it can be tough to get a read on fall temperatures. Linen is temperature-regulating, which means just as it can cool down, it can warm up. Linen bedding creates airy-but-cozy layers that are easy to fold down on the warmer nights and pile on for those chillier evenings. 


Women wrapped up in the linen Heirloom Quilt in the colour Shell.


Bust out the Duvet, layer on a Quilt, and add a Flat Sheet—that cuddle puddle is calling. Linen’s naturally breathable fibres mean that no matter how toasty your comforter gets, you won’t be stifled under all the Sheets. And because linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture before feeling damp, you won’t be suffering night sweats on a warmer-than-normal autumn night. 

Layers of colourful linen on a bed.

Not just for the bedroom

With hosting season right around the corner, we’re setting the table, stirring our simmer pots, and pinning recipes early this year. Luckily, we’re already ahead of the game with our new holiday-ready Dine set — The Heirloom Collection. These heavy-weight linen Tablecloths, Napkins and Kitchen Towels are made to make both your tablescape and tidy-up effortless. 


The linen Heirloom Napkin on the Heirloom Tablecloth.

New colours

New season, new us. You loved the bright pops of colour we added to our Sleep Collection this spring: Terracotta and Mint. Putting the 'mood' in fall mood board, we’re almost ready to introduce our highly anticipated fall colours. Sign up for our Newsletter to get the first teasers and shop notifications. Want a hint? Go take a peek at our new Long Robe in Deep Juniper.

A man in a linen robe washing his face with waffle linen towels.

Shop A Love Letter to Portugal in our Bathe line with the new Waffle Collection and our Sleep colours coming this October. Follow Wilet on Instagram and join The Rest Friends Club to get the most out of the linen life.

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