Matt Corker: Our Daily Rituals

Matt Corker: Our Daily Rituals

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It's no secret that the team at Wilet is into self care. It's also no secret that we believe a great sleep is the ultimate form of that. But we think layering on rituals built around your morning and evening are an important way to take care of yourself, and we happen to know a lot of wonderful humans who are generously sharing their rituals with our community.

The first set of #ourflaxrituals feature those of Matt Corker, CEO and People Consultant of the Corker Co, yoga instructor at TurF and Equinox and music trivia host extraordinaire. 


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Matt Corker

Dream occupation:

My current job feels like a dream. I get to work with my sister, who founded the company, and develop leaders and people managers around the world. But if Justin Timberlake wanted a back-up dancer for his next tour, you know, I wouldn’t say no.

Where were you born?

Toronto, ON

Where do you live now?

Vancouver, BC

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family:

Outside of The Corker Co, you can find me leading yoga classes at TurF and Equinox, creating charity music trivia events called That’s My Jam with my pal Warren, advising Next Gen Men and Mealshare on their board of directors, or jumping on a plane to adventure with friends or teach yoga internationally. Copenhagen and Bali have my heart! My favourite place to be, however, is sitting on the couch at home with my husband Chad. As we look to expand our own family, it’s these moments, just the two of us, that matter most to me.

When do you usually wake up in the morning? Do you use an alarm clock?

If I teach a class in the morning, I usually wake up around 5:30 am. If I don’t, I’m up by 7 am to get in a morning workout. After discovering the Bedtime function on my iPhone, I have ditched setting alarms and am now obsessed with setting my bedtime and wake time each day.

Matt putting on shoes

 Bedtime iOS app

Tell us a little bit about your morning routine (and what, if anything, makes getting up easier). Do you have a specific product/ritual that helps you get up and face the day?

Thank goodness for a second bathroom! As my husband sleeps, I grab my phone and stumble across our apartment to get ready without waking him. I brush my teeth, peek at my calendar to remind myself what’s on tap for today, and scan my inbox, deleting any junk that will slow me down when I actually get to my emails later that morning.

Matt brushing teeth

Do you have any important rituals you practice throughout your day (exercise, meditation, self-care)?

I have a busy schedule, but I don’t have a busy mind. Sleep, food, and movement have become my medicine. A regular yoga practice complemented by strength training at Movement108 and weekly work in the pool helps keep my mind and body in shape, ready to tackle any and all the commitments I have.

Naps. Tell us about them. 

Our couch is like an instant-nap-machine. Once I lie down on it, I’m out. Sunday afternoons, I definitely indulge!

 Matt taking a nap

What time do you usually go to bed?

10-10:30 pm is normal for me.

Tell us a little bit about your evening routine. Do you have a specific product/ritual that gets you ready for a good night sleep?

Each night is different, yet usually involves some couch time with my man. Before I fall asleep I use Saje Snore No More to help lessen the symphony I can sometimes create while I sleep.

 Saje Wellness Snore No More

How much sleep do you usually get each night? How much importance do you place on sleep?

When I was younger, I could easily “function” off of 5-6 hours of sleep. Now I notice how much stronger and alive my body feels after 8 or more hours. When I’m feeling sick, the first thing I do is increase my sleep time. After an intense workout day, I increase my sleep time. Honestly, just give me a good excuse to sleep in and I’ll take it. Sleep has become such an important part of being my best when I’m awake.   

Do you have a favourite bedtime story from childhood (or story you read to your children, if you have them, at bedtime)?

I remember my bookshelves being stocked with The Berenstain Bears series and everything Robert Munch. The Paper Bag Princess - #soprogressive.  

Have you slept in linen bedding? If yes, what did you think? If not, would you like to?

I hadn’t slept in linen bedding until Flax Sleep. And now, I can’t go back. It’s so soft, so light, and really enables my love affair with sleeping in.

What are your daily rituals? We love discovering new ones and nodding our head to the classics. Tell us in the comments below!

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