Beginnings: Our Trip to Shenzhen

Beginnings: Our Trip to Shenzhen

Posted by Oana Papuc on

Last fall, we decided to find the best, most affordable way, to bring amazing, high-quality linen bedding to Canadian consumers. That journey brought us to Shenzhen and a beautiful new partnership was born. 

We could go on all day about why #linenisbetter (just read this Our Linen page for a bunch of good reasons). And bringing linen to Canadians at better prices than the bigger guys is what we’re all about.  

But we’re also about quality and dependability, and that means working with the right partners.

Oh yes. Linen’s better alright.

After much searching and weighing of various sourcing/manufacturing options, we discovered a factory in Shenzhen with over two decades of linen manufacturing experience. We immediately knew that we wanted to partner with them because of the exceptionally high quality of their products. Our bedding starts with 100% French flax, which is then milled into the softest linen yarn, then woven into fabric and sewn into the most beautiful linen sheets.

Before we could commit to a long-term partnership, it was important for us to visit the factory for ourselves. That was the best way to ensure that our sheets looked and felt exactly as beautiful as we wanted, and also to know they were being produced under ethical conditions.

When we travelled to Shenzhen in January 2018, we were so happy to meet the people we’ll be working with. They’re a busy family-run business, and they place great emphasis on clean and safe working conditions for their employees. We’re proud to say that our products are manufactured in a bright, modern facility, where we found a lively work atmosphere combined with great craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail. Here are some more pictures from our visit, if you'd like to see.

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  • Looking for a Canadian company and to buy a product that is in Canadian dollars. Covid has made me look online since our local stores are respectfully closed

    Maureen Faulkner on
  • This is AMAZING! I found a Canadian linen business – AND it’s run by women! Now, some items are sold out… Any ideas when you will restock? I am so grateful for your company and cannot wait for the order to arrive. Thank you!!!

    Mia on
  • Hi

    I love your bedding. I would love to order some but I live in Namibia.. Would this be possible? Can you tell me about your thread count of your bedding?

    Joane Boltman on
  • It is a shame that none of the flax produced in Canada is suitable for textile use, but I’m always happy to support a Canadian-run company nonetheless!

    Kayleigh MacDonald on
  • Do you have colour swatches .
    Glad to pay for them
    Colours on internet really difficult to judge.

    Yvonne Symons on
  • Way to go ladies… can’t wait to buy your sheets

    Sherron on

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