Roundup: Everything You Need to Craft the Perfect Bed

Roundup: Everything You Need to Craft the Perfect Bed

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There’s a lot of choice out there. Whether you’re browsing for something as low-risk as what to order for lunch (a crucial choice - let’s not sell lunch short) or for a piece that’ll be a major addition to your home, the number of options available at the click of a mouse can be overwhelming. We get it - that’s why we set out to offer simple linen bedding at a straightforward price.

After at-home product testing and advice from our snooze-savvy friends, family and fellow linen-lovers, we’ve compiled a solid short list of go-to sleep accessories for creating the bed of your dreams and where to get them.

Euro Pillows

A perfect example of form and function, it’s no secret that we’re in a long term, committed relationship with Euro pillows and Euro shams. Not your grandma’s throw pillow, these bedtime babes offer additional back support while reading, are a great partner for hug-sleepers and add additional interest, colour and texture to a perfectly made bed (or a perfectly unmade bed - no judgement here). However, even though the popularity of Euro Shams in North America is on the rise, where to find inserts that don’t break the bank can still be a bit of a quest. 

Our go-to Euro pillow is this one from The Bay. Featuring a cotton shell and a soft polyester filling, it’s a great choice for those with down allergies and who are looking to keep their beds animal product-free. If you’re looking for a little more luxury in your Euro pillows, that one from West Elm is also a great choice.

Summer Duvets

While opting for breathable linen sheets during the warmer months can make all the difference for hot sleepers, changing out your duvet for something more lightweight will also help take the heat off. While we’re a fan of 86ing our duvet all together and sleeping with just our top sheet or empty duvet cover, we do recognize that there’s an extra sense of comfort that comes with a duvet. When we’re craving a little extra coverage and coziness in the summertime, we reach for this lightweight and breathable duvet from Ikea or this locally made organic wool duvet from Dream Designs.



We’re going to refrain from using a overdone Goldilocks cliche here, but it’s true - once you lay on a mattress you’ll know if it’s the right one. While so much of how we shop has shifted over the past few months, taking mattresses for a real life test drive (once it’s safe to do so)  is still one of the best ways to meet your perfect match.  Cue Lay - our fave place for in-person mattress shopping in Vancouver. Currently open by appointment only and with numerous health and safety precautions in place, these fine folks take the stuffiness out of mattress shopping while providing a carefully curated collection of options. 

If you’re in the market for a certified organic mattress and are committed to doing as much of your shopping online as possible, Avocado is a fantastic choice. Plus, there’s even a vegan option available. 



Fitted Sheet Clips

Although we live for a perfectly slouchy unmade bed, fighting with an ill-fitting fitted sheet can definitely cause some bedtime frustration. Whether you’re an active sleeper who wakes up cocooned in their bottom sheet or your elastic has seen better days, sheet clips can help to keep everything grounded. While a quick Google search for sheet clips will result in a number of simple sheet clip options from large retailers, our personal favorite is The Bed Scrunchie - a device that doesn’t involve flipping over your mattress every time you need to secure your fitted sheet. 

Once you have a solid foundation built, you’re going to need some beautiful bedding to go along with that. The cherry on top of a snuggly sundae. 

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