Should I use linen in my nursery? Absolutely.

Should I use linen in my nursery? Absolutely.

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There are numerous reasons why grown-ups love linen, but did you know: littles love linen, too? Whether you have a baby on the way, a new parent to shower or a nursery to outfit, linen is a fantastic choice for the littlest of nappers.100% linen Crib Sheets and Everywhere Quilts for Babies.

Making nap-time a breeze

When your baby is too small to bundle up in blankets, the Crib Sheet should offer both comfort and care. Natural linen is temperature-regulating and acts like a self-adjusting thermostat based on your baby’s nap-time needs. If your baby is a hot sleeper, or you’re enduring the warmer months, linen’s fibres relax, ensuring an airy and cool sleep. And as the temperature drops, the fibres contract to keep warmth in during cooler seasons.

100% linen and sustainable nursery accessories, designed by a women-owned business..

Care woven in

Your baby’s skin is always on your mind. Probably because you can’t get over how soft it is, but also because you want to to ensure everything it touches is crafted with their sensitivities in mind. This amazing textile has come a long way since your grandmother’s rough Irish linen. European linen today is now a beloved choice among both parents and sleepers with sensitive skin. It’s gentle, naturally antimicrobial, quick drying, and it softens further with each wash cycle. (Psst...don't just take our word for it. Scroll here and read the reviews!)

100% linen Baby Shower gifts, made by a small Canadian business.

Simple TLC

With babies comes an abundance of love, laughter…and laundry. While linen does require a different approach to care than that of cotton, it’s not as daunting as it sounds. In fact, it’s pretty simple. You’re likely already avoiding harsh washing chemicals, like bleaches and fabric softeners, so keep that up. (P.s. we love Nellie’s Laundry Care.) Then, just machine wash on cold and tumble dry on low. Don’t be too surprised by your lint trap on the first few cycles, initial shedding is to be expected. And if you need extra tips on stain removal, read this.100% linen Crib Sheets and Everywhere Quilts.

Linen everywhere

From tummy-time to park playdates, your little one has places to be. Our founders—moms, aunts and caretakers themselves—knew there was a need for blanket that does, well, everything. Meet: The Everywhere Quilt. A reversible linen blanket that keeps up with the busy schedule and evolving needs of a growing child. It’s in the name. Small enough to bundle into a carseat or stroller, big enough to throw down for play time or couch naps.

100% linen nursery and crib bedding, designed in Canada.

Mindfully nurtured

Flax Home linen is like our baby, so we share your interest in making mindful choices. Our collections are thoughtfully designed in Vancouver, Canada and brought to life by manufacturing partners around the globe. We’re choosy when it comes to who we work with: our producers must be exceptionally good at what they do, they must adhere to ethical manufacturing and labour practices, and they must keep a close relationship with us. We’ve spent time at their facilities and have even been inspired by the mastery of their craft. We also ensure all of our linen partners are OEKO-TEX® certified. This is a certification system that tests products for over 100 harmful chemicals during all stages of the manufacturing process.100% linen Crib Sheets and Everywhere Quilts for Babies + Kids.

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