Simple Ways to Add Linen to your Summer Plans

Simple Ways to Add Linen to your Summer Plans

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The sun is slowing melting into the horizon, the oppressive heat has dissipated into a deliciously warm breeze you smell that? Yup, bonfire. Definitely a bonfire. And are those marshmallows?! It's a good thing we packed our Heirloom Quilt to cozy up to this imaginary summer setting we're daydreaming of on a Wednesday afternoon. And more below. 

At the cabin

Vacation cabin, timeshare or maybe you just like bringing your own sheets to the AirBnb — deck it out in linen. Outfit bedrooms with Wilet linen bedding and say goodbye to those midsummer night sweats. Those guest bathroom Hand Towels and Wash Towels are going to see a lot of action this season, so opt for antimicrobial, quick-drying waffle linen. And that patio table could use a heavy-weight Heirloom Tablecloth and set of Napkins to match the demands of a bustling family barbecue.

Snuggle into Wilet linen at this dreamy waterfront cabin in Nova Scotia, The Parcelles. Photographed below: Catherine Bernier.

Photo by Catherine Bernier

On the road

Out of office and into vacation mode. We’ve packed up the kids, a cooler and our favourite linen Sheets are we’re hitting the road to insert idillic staycation destination here. Whether you’re living the #VanLife or camping, your set-up will benefit from a little more linen. Pop a Fitted Sheet over your air mattress to reduce friction, stuff extra clothes in a set of Pillowcases to combat space waste when packing and ditch the sleeping bag for a temperature-regulating Duvet SetAway never felt more like home. 

For design inspo or ready-to-roll camper vans pre-lined with linen, check out our pals Yeah The Van. Photographed below: Bianca Gomes.Photo by Bianca Gomes

By the water

In this heat, can we all agree “working from home” really means “I’ll be by the pool if anyone needs me”? Second only to sunscreen (if you have to think about it, it’s time to reapply), the most important beach-slash-pool-slash-lake-slash-river accessory is your Towel. Absorbent, quick-drying and antimicrobial, our 100% waffle linen Bathe collection was made for the dry life. No stale musk. No wet bundle in the bottom of your bag. Just the plush, gentle exfoliation of textured linen to compliment the luxury of lounge-chair season. Also available in larger Bath Sheets for premium wrappage (yes, it’s a word).

The Bath Sheet soaking up the rays in Palm Springs. Photographed below: Jasmine Lukuku.Photo by Jasmine Lukuku

For the littles

The kiddos are home for the break and outdoor activities are in full swing. Whether it's keeping the sun off the stroller or popping down for some park playtime, The Everywhere Quilt has you cool-but-covered. And just as you switch to more seasonally appropriate summer Bedding, so too will your littles love a fresh set of breathable Twin or Crib Sheets.Shop the Baby & Kids Collection

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