The Corners of Our Homes Vol. 4 - Michelle Addison

The Corners of Our Homes Vol. 4 - Michelle Addison

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Michelle Addison, personal stylist and co-founder of Roque Jewelry, has great taste that extends way past her swoon worthy wardrobe and straight into her stunning new Dunbar home.  We have been lucky enough to have her tell/show us all about it in our fourth instalment of The Corners of our Home.


I recently moved into a new home this summer and although it never seems “finished” I have almost gotten it ready to show my friends…almost.

The best part of moving into my new home is that I am finally living in a neighbourhood. I have spent the last decade living in a townhouse and the fact that my daughter and I can walk to different swings on various trees around our home is earth-shattering and amazing.

I love fashion books (although I forget to read them)  and have a few in my living room that I use to hold my candles (currently loving KUSH candles and anything with white musk or sandalwood) and my sticks of Palo Santo from Woodlot. I am a believer in clearing energy and I do this often in my living room.

My favorite piece is The Lady Chair by Cassina designed in 1951 and the black light is the Tolomeo Mega Floor lamp by Artemide, both from InForm and there will be carpet eventually when my puppy learns to pee outside consistently.

I kill almost every plant I take care of. Except this one. It is in a glass square from Litchfield in Gastown. And for some reason I remember to fill it with water.

I use Skin Ceuticals from Dr. Shannon Humphrey everyday. Love the products and they keep my skin looking good between treatments.

This is my daughter Stella’s light instillation. She wanted a canopy for her room but the room wasn’t big enough, my designers at Falken Reynolds made her this light instillation made of over 200 paper cranes and mounted it on the ceiling. She can look at it as she falls asleep. I love the modern mixed with the unexpected and handmade.

I love getting into my bed at the end of the day. The pillows are from Provide and my sheets are of course from Flax Sleep. They are great on warm or cold nights. White is my color of choice. I have so many books beside my bed that I plan on reading. Eventually.

We love any corner of our home that has Harley in it.

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