12 Days of Hosting: Gifts for the Host

12 Days of Hosting: Gifts for the Host

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You don’t want to show up empty handed. You also know bottles of wine are coming at your host from every angle this season. Now, that’s not to say your host doesn’t truly appreciate a good Pinot Noir, but it can be tricking finding unique ways to say: “thank you in advance for all the dishes you’ll have to do later.” As part of our 12 Days of Hosting Journal Series, you know we have a few gift ideas that will help get you the nod for your host’s next bash.


Cocktail Glasses

Toast to your host this season with a pair of cocktail glasses. A good place to find vintage sets is Parliament Interiors in Vancouver, BC or for something more classic, try The Coupe from Fable. They're a glitzy addition to anyone's bar cart and you know your host will appreciate a little glamour when they reward themselves with a party-well-thrown nightcap.


Cocktail Napkins

The only thing left behind after a party should be the memories, so help your host avoid the water rings. Linen Cocktail Napkins are reusable, chic and can be served with sips and snacks at any occasion.


Holiday Candle Gift Set

It can be difficult to pick a person's favourite scent, but these Holiday Candle Gift Sets from Mala mix-and-match the best of the season in mini (4 oz). From Crème Brûlée to Mulled Wine, it's bound to be a crowd-pleaser.


Dried Florals or Wreaths

Bouquets are nice, bouquets that last all season are nicer. Find a local florist, like East Van Garden Gal, and pick up a dried festive arrangement that will add to the ambiance and outlast the fun (in the best way possible).


Party Games

It's not to assume anyone's party will need livening up. Never. But no one has ever regretted having a fun party game on hand. It's also a sweet gesture to share a game you love playing with your pals to other family and friends.


The Robe

After cooking, and cleaning, and errands that never seem to end...your host is going to need a little 'me time'. A linen Robe says: "thank you and I won't expect to hear from you for at least 48 hours."


Sauce Dishes

These small stoneware additions are a sweet and saucy touch to any holiday table. From Lineage Ceramics, this set of 4 comes in a number of colours and are perfect for serving salt, sauce or spices.


Formula Fig Treatment

A Renewal and Radiance Facial? A vitamin rich IV Drip? A Light Therapy Boost? Let your host decide how they'll recover from throwing the party of the year with a Formula Fig Gift Card (or spa near you).



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